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High performance tensor library in Nim

Toward a (smoking !) high performance tensor library in Nim Forewords In April I started Arraymancer, yet another tensor library™, in yet another language™, Nim. Why you ask? I wanted to have fun. When I’m bored, I like to learn

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Predicting apartment interest from listing with structured data, free text, geolocalization, time data and images

3 months ago, Data Science competition website Kaggle published a challenge from Two Sigma, an investment fund, and Renthop, a startup they invested in. The goal was to predict interest in New York apartments listed on Renthop’s website using a

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Journey to Deep Learning #2: Don’t fight the wrong fights

2 months ago, I took my courage and threw it at Machine Learning. Machine Learning, at least the supervised learning, is the art of training a black box (a young panda) by telling it what you expect. When it’s properly

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Journey to Deep Learning: Cuda GPU passthrough to a LXC container

A tutorial on how to passthrough a Nvidia GPU to a LXC container in Proxmox.

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